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Feel the warmth in comfortable brogues
Feel the warmth in comfortable brogues

Minimalistic design and many useful compartments make this bag a great roomy accessory.

Handmade leather belt
Handmade leather belt

Belt - a sandwich with leather sewn on top of each other

Maxim Rozinkov

Maxim Rozinkov

As for a person who is passionate about his work, it is very important for me that the LEGESSY brand contributes to the development of Ukrainian companies. I myself often buy goods from Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as being a fan of my products, which I personally use and get real pleasure, and sometimes experience of what needs to be improved

Starting with small steps, we gradually reach new levels of quality of our products and the professionalism of the entire team. Development is the vector along which we are moving. And I am glad to be part of the changes that are taking place in Ukraine in the field of men's shoes and accessories. This motivates us to become better and influence not only Ukraine, but also to keep a course on world fashion

In my brand, I highlight three important aspects, thanks to which LEGESSY constantly moves forward.

Honesty, openness and focus on results. Honesty to both the team and the consumer. Openness is more about the actions of each of our team, aimed at the benefit of everything that is important to us. Focus on results is a self-motivation that moves forward. We are creating the results that will soon lead us to the great goal that we have set for ourselves. We want to see millions of happy people around the world enjoying walking in our brogues and keeping the most important things in our bags

"It's better to aim at perfection and miss than to aim at imperfection and hit." This is part of my philosophy

Practical and modern new clothes for everyone

Legessy– this is not just an online shoe store for everyone. This is a place where everyone can follow fashion trends with interest, choosing what suits his style. A convenient and practical online platform will allow everyone to find reliable shoes for any occasion, without doubting their excellent quality. In stock you can find popular new items that are in demand. Despite the high quality of the entire range presented, its cost remains affordable. Looking for practical, stylish, comfortable and modern Ukrainian shoes? Make your choice in Legessy.

The priority of Legessy's activity is to help each man to show his individuality and form his own style. In this matter, an important nuance is the choice of high-quality shoes and additional accessories. In stock you can find: boots, sneakers, shoes, sneakers, ugg boots and much more. Would you like to buy leather shoes from a Ukrainian manufacturer? Welcome to the Legessy online store.

How to choose shoes made in Ukraine?

The variety of offers is quite wide, so you need to take into account several criteria in order not to miscalculate with the purchase:

  • Material. The highest quality is genuine leather. It serves a long period of time, and does not lose its quality during operation. The material is easy to care for, and looks fashionable and aesthetic;
  • Size. Before buying shoes in an online store, measure your foot correctly;
  • Color. You need to choose colors that match your wardrobe. For example, if you often wear suits, then it is better to choose black or brown options. Bright colors will look beautiful with jeans for everyday wear of ordinary clothes. Regardless of your wishes, you can choose the appropriate product presented in the catalogs;
  • Style. The shoe store offers sports, classic, casual and many other models. Also, they differ in their material, for example, leather or suede. This criterion will affect the cost of the product;
  • Finishing. There are men who prefer the presence of decoration: small clasps, buckles and other things. There are those who like pure classics. In the catalogs, everyone can pick up what they like;

If you have any questions regarding the purchase or choice of stylish men's shoes, you can get expert advice by contacting the numbers posted on the official page. They will listen to your wishes and offer what will fit them.

What else is on offer?

In addition to high-quality models, a variety of accessories for men are offered. You will be able to get acquainted with the choice of quality bags, for any occasion. All of them differ in size, finish, way of wearing, and design, so there will be no problems with the choice. You can choose the option to complement both the classic and everyday look. Under each offer is the size of the product, allowing you to determine whether it will suit you or not.

Terms of payment and delivery

Payment for the purchase is offered upon receipt at the operator's post office or to a bank account. Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, only by "Nova Poshta". Please note that the online store for men's shoes in Kyiv offers free storage of purchases in the department for no more than 5 days, after which the product will be returned back. Delivery within the country takes about 3 days, so you can quickly receive your new thing. Sending around the world is carried out by Ukrposhta.

Do not refuse the opportunity to buy a Ukrainian shoe brand with a well-deserved reputation. Such a new thing will last a long time, and every day will delight with its practicality and appearance. Do you have any questions? Would you like to buy something interesting? Go to the official website of the trusted store.


No one will argue with the fact that the leather shoes of Ukrainian manufacturers – the best solution that combines affordable cost and high quality. The range of products is constantly updated with new products that are gaining popularity at an incredible speed. The use of natural leather and suede allows us to offer high-quality and beautiful models. There are sneakers, boots, ugg boots, sneakers, shoes, brogues, bags and more. Trust a trusted brand and you won't be disappointed.

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